Equestrian Youth Retreat

We are now accepting registration for the 2013 Equestrian Youth Retreat! Download your registration packet now!

Our first camp in the summer of 2010 was a huge success with 41 full scholarships being awarded as well as many partial scholarships, based on need over 95% of the youth who attended last year’s camp requested financialassistance.

A typical day at the youth camp begins with a homemade breakfast cooked by volunteers. Campers are then paired off with an equine where they are responsible for making sure their animal is properly fed and watered. The stalls, as well as the indoor riding arena, must all be cleaned, and each animal must be brushed out. Non denominational lessons begin around 10am, which are followed by crafts, games, or fishing at the lake.

After all the campers and volunteers have been served lunch, the youth are back in the barn, at which time they are permitted to ride their animal if they choose. With the help of volunteers the youth learn how to place a saddle and bridle on their animal. There are several lessons regarding animal safety and healthcare during this time.

Karaoke, crafts, movies, and free time are all offered in the afternoon, then they are taken to the spring fed lake for swimming and canoeing. In the evening the youth will attend vespers for a lesson from one of our volunteers, which included Youth Pastors, Prison Ministers, Nurses, and Teachers. This is all done at the newly constructed vespers area with a fire pit and benches in a beautiful wooded setting during sunset.

In order to help raise funds for youth to attend these camps we have done many fundraising activities such as Gospel sings and auctions. We also create handmade soy candles and goat’s milk soaps where 100% of the proceeds go toward funding youth to attend the Equestrian Youth camp. Last year we were lucky enough to work with the Burnsville Elementary school in a joint fundraising effort involving the candles made here at Faith Mountain.

Even with all of our efforts we were unable to raise enough funds to completely cover the costs for the youth camps, but no child was turned away from attending. We are however expecting more than double the amount of campers for the 2011 year, so fundraising efforts have already began. If you would like to sponsor a child or would like more information on our program please call or email us. If you have a child that would be interested in attending please contact us, you can also download this years registration materials from our website.

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